I need your help!

Due to COVID19 precautions, I unfortunately will not be able to lead an interactive MRI art activity at Portland's Walk for MS this year. I was really looking forward to working with people in-person to produce some colorful MRI transformations! I am excited to take a different route with this project, but I will need your help.

The Ask:

  1. Please download and print the attached MRI print.

  2. Let your imagination run wild! Make it colorful, let the shapes and lines melt into whatever you may see.

  3. Photograph your completed piece (please fill the frame with the image only, I can't use images taken from a distance or being held. Phone photos are just fine!).

  4. Please email your completed image to me at by the end of May.

  5. Please post and share your creation with the hashtag #mycolorsofms 

The Why

​I will be taking all the images I receive to make into a large mosaic. Once the mosaic is assembled, I will put some finishing touches on them in my studio (think colorful threading, and fun texture building).

The final #mycolorsofms mosaic will be framed and hung at Portland Providence Brain and Spine Institute as a fun and colorful art piece for everybody to enjoy!


  • There is literally no right or wrong approach here - colors what you want, use whatever medium sounds fun! You do not have to be a professional artist!

  • You do not have to live with MS to participate - please share far and wide!

While I won't be sending individual replies to emails, please know that you have my heartfelt thanks in helping move this project forward!

Have fun and I can't wait to see what you create! 



Help me grow the #mycolorsofms collage to 100 pieces


©2019 by Lindsey Holcomb