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*All artwork and #colorsofMS content is the sole property of Lindsey Holcomb and is held under copyright. Any use of images, content or references to #colorsofMS for personal, social or professional use must be approved by writing from Lindsey Holcomb.

I didn't dare call myself an artist until I was 34 years old. Sure, I loved clay, crayons and all manner of creating as a kid. I went to college for violin performance. But I didn't answer the call to create until I was sick.

My love for alcohol ink was accidental. I use thread because it was my grandmother's, and she was one tough cookie and an expert costumer and seamstress. I like to think every piece has a past creative life through using her thread.


My passion for painting MRI came from a moment of grief, which changed how I viewed my own multiple sclerosis diagnosis. I felt raw, emboldened, and for once I felt in control. Since January of 2019 it has become my mission to translate diagnostic MRI through a project I'm calling #colorsofms.

This often invisible illness needs to be seen, and I am here for it.


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