A study of alchemy, color symbolism, and structure inspire my abstract works in ink and thread, with elements of my heritage informing each piece by way of hand-threading and a nod to the Japanese practice of kintsugi. My artwork, though done on paper, strives to capture 3D elements by way of texture building, hand-embroidery and hand-cut details. Painting has become like a ritual for me, with the outcome intentionally unpredictable and spontaneous. Living with multiple sclerosis has left an indelible mark on my practice; I create as I am able and as long as it sparks relaxation, wonder and joy.




Lindsey Holcomb is an internationally recognized artist and the founder of the #colorsofMS project. She works in arts education in the greater Portland, Oregon area, where she lives with her little family and herd of dogs.​

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Select original work can be viewed and purchased locally through the Catherine Bede Gallery in Hillsboro, Oregon.


Recent Work

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