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"Living with multiple sclerosis and neurodivergence have left an indelible mark on my practice; I create as I am able and as long as it sparks relaxation, wonder, and joy. I work in a variety of mediums, from handmade ink to cyanotype printing and digital drawings.


My Japanese heritage and experience with chronic illness, combined with my love of poetry and a background in music often inform my work in the studio."


Lindsey Holcomb is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist, speaker and the founder of the #colorsofMS project. Lindsey holds a BA from the University of Oregon in Japanese and Asian Studies, with a certificate in Intercultural Business Communication and is represented by the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery and ArtLifting. When not creating in the studio, Lindsey enjoys writing and chaos gardening - all while trying to keep up with her daughters and a small herd of dogs.

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