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*All artwork and #colorsofMS content is the sole property of Lindsey Holcomb and is held under copyright. Any use of images, content or references to #colorsofMS for personal, social or professional use must be approved by writing from Lindsey Holcomb.

We live in bright color.

The #colorsofMS mission is to flip the script on how we view our MS.

Goals, Goals, Goals.

MS is called the snowflake disease for a reason - every single person's MS is different. 

I'd love for the #colorsofms collage to be front and center to MS warriors at every stage of their journey. My goals for the project are to raise multiple sclerosis awareness in several ways, for example:

1) To install bright exhibitions front and center at clinics, hospitals and global MS conferences.

2) To compile a book dedicated to #colorsofMS participants and their before-and-after art.

3) To provide MRI art workshops at MS support groups.

4) To speak on the healing power of diagnostic art. 

*In order to move forward with my project goals, I have decided to cap my project at fifty participants. At this time, I have a hold on accepting new participants. I hope to expand the project in the future as I am able.

Dream with me!

Thanks to the PhotoFunia app, this girl has some pictures to go with her goals...​can you help me make this a reality?

I'd love to hear from you!