100 faces

[triumph over optic neuritis]

About 100 faces

I recognize these faces, even though I didn't set out to find them...they come from hazy snapshots in time. 

They are created spontaneously in the dark, in order to not rely on my vision. This has become an intentional process in my studio, to embrace physical symptoms vs fighting them.

Five portraits are now available as print items in my digital shop. A select quantity of prints is also available for purchase at Catherine Bede Gallery.

My 100 Faces project was discussed in more detail in the March episode of the OMNI Open Studios Podcast with host and artist Gwyneth Manley. Click to subscribe and give a listen!

Colors of MS turns Three!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the #colorsofMS project these past three years. Project participants are now in 12 countries and 32 US states, and I have had the honor of painting 194 MRI.

Interested in commissioning your own piece?