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Meaningful social change through the universal lens of art.



Multiple sclerosis is anything but black and white.

"I never thought I'd say an MRI looked beautiful, but your art changes the face of this disease."  [@laurrrbeth]

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Creating unique art lovingly from Oregon alongside her little family and herd of dogs, Lindsey works in arts education in her community, and is an internationally-recognized artist and founder of #colorsofms project. Lindsey is also a violinist, aspiring writer, and future alpaca-mom hopeful.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2017, Lindsey found painting an interpretation of her brain MRI deeply profound, and is passionate about sharing this same experience with others. Launched in early 2019, the #colorsofms project seeks to champion multiple sclerosis awareness by painting one MRI at a time. Future projects in the works continue this commitment, furthering cause awareness and impact through the universal lens of art.

For purchasing information, exhibition inquiries, speaking engagements, or artist-led workshops, please contact Lindsey below.