To get started, I will need:

Your Introduction Post

  • A great photo of just you (not a car selfie!) and 2-3 paragraphs maximum of an introduction. (Who are you? What do you do? What do you love? Where are you from?)

Your Diagnosis Post

  • Your MRI image and diagnosis story, 2-3 paragraphs maximum. That is a hard ask, I know, but the Colors of MS project lives on Instagram, which is not a terribly friendly platform for longer stories.

Your Artwork Reveal Post

  • Your advice for others and/or outlook for the future, in 2-3 paragraphs maximum.


Let me know what colors you love, or if there are any to avoid. Feel free to send a color inspiration palette my way!  Would you like to incorporate a short quote into your painting? Lastly, what size would you like? Sizing can be found on my commissions page; project participants take 20% off of the listed price as a thank you.


The 20% project discount is my thanks to you for contributing to the growth of Colors of MS.  Shipping and handling is not included in the commission price, and will be quoted during the initial inquiry process.

The following terms apply:

  • Colors of MS/Lindsey Holcomb have permission to publish all project content both on social media (for the purpose of sharing Colors of MS, and increasing MS awareness) and in print form now and in the future.​​

    • Note: MRI images have all personal identifying features cropped prior to posting.​

    • Note: Participant names are posted on a first-name basis only.

  • Should you or others share your project art/posts, please tag your post with #colorsofms and @lindseyjoyholcomb

  • By participating, you understand that you do not have permission to reproduce or distribute project content without express permission from Lindsey Holcomb (artist).

  • The Colors of MS project highlights a wide-range of people who live with MS, and does not endorse/represent/recommend any treatment course that a participant may mention. Please consult your medical team for a course of treatment that is best for your situation. 


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